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I’m truly smitten that you’ve landed here and stayed long enough to learn my story. Before we explore a little about me,  I’d love to see and get to know you. If you're a fan of the 'gram stop by and say hiya right back. 

Short & Sweet (just like this gal) 

The inside of my brain is a creative festival that has 100 tabs open at a time, and leaves me wondering where the music is coming from. The imagination is our greatest tool, and I believe it is something to never let fade away. That is why you'll find me daydreaming, getting distracted by something shiny, doodling or causing a ruckus. Most people sum me up with one word and that is quirky. When i'm not mixing it up in the studio, you can find me hangin with my man and my pup, and hopefully at the beach. 




My creative journey began in foster care. The first Christmas, I received a paint set that leads to painting galore. When I was adopted, my foster mom encouraged my mom to keep me creating, and she did just that. Growing up, I had access to any medium and was confident I would be an art teacher or designer for textbooks. My mom was my biggest supporter and created an environment that consisted of exploring and trusting my creative process.

After she passed, I stopped all forms of creating and lost the spark. It wasn't until my last semester of college that I followed my whispers and signed up for an art class and remembered my love of messy palettes, smudged charcoal on my arms, and being surrounded by driven artists. What started as opening up my creative box lead to creating for others. Talk about scary! But it takes only a few seconds of courage to make waves.

Those acts of courage lead me to my first licensing deal and magazine feature. It wasn't easy, but along the way, I found my voice, made plenty of mistakes, and gained experience that shaped me into who I am today.
Keeping that spark fueled, unfolding my passion for creating, and making art galore is my present journey, and it's always an exciting ride. 

If you wanna follow along, you can find me on the gram where you'll see my cute pup and adorable best friend I call husband. Looking forward to growing with you and it's an honor to have you by my side!


 Behind the Name 

The word gregarious means a person who is fond of the company of others. Someone outgoing, friendly, and company loving. It is also very close to my husbands name, Greg; which is why it was the perfect name for the business.

Gregarious Design came from different and essential things in my life that have brought me joy. My childhood consisted of children from all different backgrounds growing up under one roof, and calling each other family. I learned to listen and to love everyone for who they were and to find something special in each person. Then it came time for me to leave and join a new family, where I found myself surrounded by crazy outgoing Irish people. No joke you guys, talk about a culture shock. 

My journey through foster care to adoption has allowed me to see all kinds of people and learn their stories, and my goodness are they beautiful. One thing we all have in common is we enjoy the company of those we love. Let me repeat that... 


Gregarious Design is a company that draws designs from the world and the uniqueness that makes us beautiful. Real people influence the design, and if I can create that "they get me feeling" through my products, then we did it right! 

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