Strike a Pose with Confidence: Patricia's Pro Tips for a Picture-Perfect Brand Shoot

Say Cheese! You're Going to Be On Camera! 

Hey, lovely people! Patricia here, and I've got a little secret to share: I know the feeling when it comes to being in front of a camera. The anxiety? Oh, it's real! I used to be the one happily clicking away behind the lens, not the one striking poses in front of it. But then, my brand needed its moment in the spotlight, and I had to shed my Chandler face pronto!

Fast forward to today, and guess what? I've got some fabulous insights to help you conquer the camera and shine like the star you are! 

Tip 1: Do Your Research – Create Your Mood Board:  Pinterest is my happy place for inspiration. Find photos that resonate with your brand and your unique personality. Then, ask yourself, "How can I infuse 'me' into this picture?" It's like crafting a mood board for your upcoming shoot. Don't forget to share these ideas with your photographer to get everyone on the same creative wavelength. For me, it's all about vibrant colors, messy palettes, and a vibe that screams excitement and warmth. So, no dark, stuffy rooms for me, thank you!

Tip 2: Confidence is the Key – Dress Like You Mean It:  Here's a lesson I learned the hard way: wear outfits that make you feel confident, not what you think you should wear. Remember that gorgeous magnolia dress I wore for my first shoot? It was lovely but totally impractical, and I had to constantly worry about wardrobe malfunctions. Yikes! Your outfits should reflect your brand essence, so chat it out with your photographer to ensure they'll look stunning on camera. And never forget, more than one outfit is your secret weapon! Mix it up to showcase your artistic and business sides. If a catsuit makes you feel fierce, go for it, girl!

Tip 3: Have a Blast – Let Your Personality Shine:  The most vital rule? Have a blast! Your audience will believe in your brand when they see you believe in it. So, smile, dazzle, and put on your best accessory – your enthusiasm! I love cracking silly jokes or engaging in a hilarious conversation with my photographer to chase away those camera jitters. Think of it as a hangout session with your audience, sharing your passion.

Tip 4: Keep the Energy Flowing – Embrace Movement:  Here's a fun one: keep moving! Don't get stuck in the same old poses like those cringeworthy school photos. I noticed that sitting still for too long makes me feel awkward. So, take a page from my playbook and keep those creative juices flowing. Shift, sway, and groove as your photographer works their magic. Small, spontaneous movements add that extra oomph to your shots!

Tip 5: Trust Your Photographer – It's a Collaboration: I've been blessed with fantastic photographers who've made me snort-laugh my way through shoots – trust me, it's a sign of pure joy! Building trust with your photographer is key. Do your homework, get to know them, and maybe even grab a coffee together. Feeling comfortable with who's behind the camera ensures you shine in front of it.

Here are my go-to photographers: