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I need to share my favorite resource with all ya’ll and explain why I love it so much!! Like no joke, it could help you soooo much! So let me love you and watch you blossom already.


My favorite go-to resource is the A-Z Directory. It is literally like the white on rice for the creative world.


As much as I love Google, it annoyed that crap out of me that I could not find resources to build my creative business. The one print shop that I did find took two weeks to get back a single print! That meant another two weeks when the order was wrong! Plus, you weren't able to review the product before print, which leads to crying while holding a lion print that looks like something from the '70s…. It was ugly.


It's giving me anxiety just thinking of this place; let's move on.


I think the good lord above heard my frustration because Cami and Elisabeth from Biz Birthday Bash blessed the world with the A-Z Directory Days after I had a breakdown.


(insert God saying, child please and shoving me into this resource)


The truth is ,the A-Z Directory changed everything for me.


It allowed me to join the game and take my business to the next level. It's like they saw me working hard, putting in those extra hours after work, and invited me to sit at their cool kid's table! Not like the Plastics, but like the actual cool kid's table where people love to see you succeed and want to help!


When I joined the A-Z Directory, I got over 300+ print and manufacturing vendors to bring my paper & product ideas to life. That allowed me to create my first card collection that Stationery Trends Magazine featured! On top of that, I had access to an exclusive Facebook community that included stationers, artists, designers, and more!

The energy and knowledge in this group feels like breathing in success. It's freaking fantastic. Plus, you can say you breathe success for breakfast... soooo HEEEYYY.


Anyway, The A-Z Directory is the best thing I could have invested in when it came to myself and my business. I know it's scary and seems like another resource, but trust me, It is much more than that. It's a chance to see what you're capable of creating and blossoming into, while being surrounded by the most loving community.


It’s girl power at it’s best.


Check it out here and feel free to say hi to me in the facebook group or on insta:


USE THE CODE PATRICIA20 for $20 off your first year!