• Design A Book Cover That Connects With Your Target Audience

    Let's talk about the world of book design and why changing your book cover can make all the difference!! 

    Grab your coffee and let's go! 

  • Spellbound Bookstore | Gel Pen Flowers Book Signing Event

    People are buzzing with excitement and having animated conversations. You're  practically sidestepping through the crowd to get to the main event. And what's that? You landed in what can only be described as a magic room. Chandelier, gold ceiling – the whole nine yards. That's when you see me!
  • Meet The Artist

    Hey there, lovely souls!

    I'm Patricia Petrakis, but you can call me Trish! I'm the artist behind this lovely space, and if life were a roller coaster, I've definitely taken a ride on all the loops. From battling through tough times like abuse and the foster care maze to embracing the magic of adoption, my journey has been like a movie plot!

  • I'm Feelin 22, EERR, I mean 34

    During those nine remarkable months, my body became a canvas of strength and beauty. Witnessing my shape evolve month after month was like observing an awe-inspiring work of art. And let's not forget the thrill of discovering which part of my daughter was blossoming inside me. When that magical Valentine's Day morning arrived, and I held my precious little girl for the first time, love engulfed me instantly. In that moment, my heart expanded beyond limits, existing outside my body in the form of this precious being. Little did I know that motherhood would also reveal a hidden talent—organization! Surprisingly, I discovered I had a knack for keeping things in order, but now I just need to figure out how to apply that superpower to my own life. Anna's taking it all! 

  • Discover the A-Z Directory: Your Creative Business Game-Changer

    You're a creative soul, eager to build your business empire, but Google is playing hard to get, and finding reliable resources feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. Sound familiar?
  • Why I want to be courageous for the New Year

    A WORD CAN CHANGE YOUR WORLD A few years ago, I decided to join the Word Of The Year tradition and fell in love. Finding a word to grow y...
  • Strike a Pose with Confidence: Patricia's Pro Tips for a Picture-Perfect Brand Shoot

    The most vital rule? Have a blast! Your audience will believe in your brand when they see you believe in it. So, smile, dazzle, and put on your best accessory – your enthusiasm! I love cracking silly jokes or engaging in a hilarious conversation with my photographer to chase away those camera jitters. Think of it as a hangout session with your audience, sharing your passion.
  • How To Write A Thank You Card

    100 THANK YOU NOTES + POSTCARD = EPIPHANY   Some memories last forever; like writing what felt like a 100 thank you cards for graduation and The D...
  • Thirty Flirty & Thriving?

    MORE LIKE THIRTY, FRANTIC & KIND OF SORTA THRIVING IN A WAY THAT GOD PLANNED I'm super proud of that title, and I think we should take a mom...